René Williams Art and Science Loves Art is working with a group of scientists at the University of Wyoming on an a 5 year Wyoming EPSCoR/National Science Foundation grant that began fall of 2017.  We are very excited to learn about microbes and the micro world and explore these tiny worlds through the eyes of art.

Join us as we work with schools and communities to collect soils and grow the microbes right in our studio (4th Street Studios).  The microbes grow into beautiful colors and shapes that inspire artwork that we can use for art projects and exhibitions with kids!

To learn more about this project and get involved, click the participation page for details.  This is an ongoing project so join in anytime!

Read more about our project by reading this press about the project and follow us on FB and Instagram.

4th Street Studios will be hosting workshops and events for the community to keep in touch with us by following us on 4th Street Studios FB or get signed up on our newsletter/email list!

Garden air sample, outside 4th Street Studios.

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