Harmony School Day 5!

We received our first school soil samples for this project early April and we were all so excited!  The school is located on the outskirts of Laramie, Wyoming.   One sample was taken from the playground and another was taken out in the prairie away from the playground.  It will be exciting to compare the microbes we grow!

We prepared petri dishes and after some training from Naomi Ward, one of the microbe scientist on our EPSCoR project, we then placed a sample of each soil sample into the petri dishes.  How will the microbes be different?  Why would they be different?

Here’s a few pics from day 5:

Prairie and non active soil area microbes:


Soil from the active  playground area:


It is interesting how the microbes grow from the edges of the soil.  We will get some our scientists on the project to give us some comments about these discoveries!

What are your favorite shapes and colors?   We can’t see these pretty paintings with our eyes without a microscope so we are lucky to find these little treasures!

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