Cool micro art from the petri dish!

Hey everyone! While playing in the studio this week with our science equipment and our little petri dishes, we found some super cool colors and shapes.  Look at this! We are taking pics of tiny things that are smaller than a tiny dot of sand! It's fun to see things close up! This is so … Continue reading Cool micro art from the petri dish!

Harmony School Day 5!

We received our first school soil samples for this project early April and we were all so excited!  The school is located on the outskirts of Laramie, Wyoming.   One sample was taken from the playground and another was taken out in the prairie away from the playground.  It will be exciting to compare the microbes … Continue reading Harmony School Day 5!

Wyoming Schools – Microbe Project

In collaboration with Wyoming schools and the National Science Foundation, 4th Street Studios has begun a project that analyzes and observes the different types of Wyoming soil by collecting samples from all over the state. We have asked several schools all across the state to send us soil samples. We then place the samples in … Continue reading Wyoming Schools – Microbe Project